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Photo by Phan Dan


”Cam Anh is consistent, dedicated passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. She has incredible creative energy. I highly recommend her for your program or any other capacity in which she can spread her excitement and share her talents with others.”

- Phan Thuy Trinh. Head of Public Relations at Vietnam Office of Animals Asia.

"I approached Cam Anh to paint a large watercolour picture of my family, represented as Zodiac animals. Cam Anh was very attentive and easy to communicate with. Her ideas were great during the initial design rounds. She accommodated my vision for the painting whilst not being afraid to push back to recommend ideas that would work, from an artistic perspective. The end result was fantastic and formed a wonderful birthday present for my wife. She and my kids love the painting, with my son and daughter often pointing at it and marveling at their representation as animals. Thank you so much Cam Anh and I full-heartedly recommend you to anyone".

- Phil Teale. Art Commisioner.

"Chi Cam Anh is not only a skilled but also a compassionate artist. She took the time to truly understand her client's stories and worked closely with them to bring their ideas to life. She nurtured the project from start to finish with care and dedication. The final "baby" truly is what I dreamt of. Thank you so much, chi Cam Anh!"

- An Nguyen. Art Commisioner.

"The great thing about her is that she doesn't create any barriers to race or age, her sensibility can feel what is important, and she gives her best naturally for others."

- Miwa Arai. Journalist.